• 1978 planted, green Evergreen wall – A gravity filled plantable wall for retaining earth and for mitigating 

  sound – highway use

• 1984 – Geo wall - A small economical container like plantable wall designed for low cost commercial and 

  residential use

• 1992 – Evergreen closed face Macro wall – the original Evergreen wall, yet with a closed face, same 

  dimensions, not plantable: for industries and waterfront walls

• 1998 – Evergreen MAXI Everwall, a larger faced gravity wall also with a frame attached, for highway, 

  waterfront, and commercial use

• 2006 – Evergreen Maxi wall – A heavy duty wall: frame attached for heavy railroad and highway traffic use

• 2016 – Evergreen Maxi Pillar Wall – A self-supporting heavy-duty pillar designed wall for heavy traffic, rail use 

• 2017 – Evergreen Max MSE Wall – a wide panel 132 s.f. MSE system also for heavy railroad and traffic use