Special Features

Pleasing architectural finishes and durable 5000 psi concrete

Every unit 80 sf of wall face, high rate of sf per day, less labor. Less cost

Self-aligning keys ensure fast and accurate assembly and fewer parts

Backfill using on-site materials often, reduces material and transport costs

Wide open area between stems allows direct discharge of backfill

Wide open space also allows use of high output roller compactor

Element weight and keyways hold position during compaction process

The Winner Pillar

Better Engineering:    More Features Newest Cutting-Edge Technology:

• Pillars induce soil arching within compacted backfill:  smart function

• Wide stem bottom extends strong soil arching:       superior stability

• Locked in fill compacted backfill adds mass/weigh:  stronger wall

• Heavy weight units, with self-aligning keys:             will not shift

• Big 80 s.f. face area drastically cuts crane-time:       easier work

• Wide open area between stems:                  effective rollers, fewer lifts

• Earthquake and settlement resistant capacity     resolves new tasks

• Standard weight range 6 to 11 tons         a few units build a wall

MAXI WALLS – The heavy duty retaining walls

Gravity frame MAXI WALL built for BNSF in Olathe, Kansas, the flagship of PILLAR MAXI WALL

Bridge sits on separate pillars

Bridge sits directly on MAXI WALL

MAXI Wall forerunner for all 26 Overpasses for Saudi Arabia Railway 

26 overpasses across 373 miles of rails for two, four, and six lanes highways, 

4’876 units, walls 43 ft. high, wall face 44’163 m2, 475’363 s.f.  a GIANT PROJECT


• Excellent for heavy railways bridge abutments 

• Superb economy for cut slope walls, shoring, and waterfront walls

• Efficient manufacturing: one type of mold for all – cast 2-3 units a day

• Super effective installation: installs fast: twice the wall face per day

• Great architectural pattern: pleasing to the eye with logical engineering


The heavy duty retaining walls