MSE MAXI WALL Panels are big 6 x 22 ft. = 132 sf, 1.83 x 6.71m = 12.25 m2 

This MAXI panel is big, nearly three times the wall face of a conventional MSE panel


• Use Tilt-Up-Construction with strong struts anchored to the ground 

• Tilt-Up-Construction methods equal efficient and safe work

• Replace front layer sandy backfill, stabilize panels with crushed rock fast 

• Eliminate costly hand labor, parts and extra pieces-parts

• Fewer struts, wider apart for easy filling and compaction

• Achieve record setting daily wall installation performance

Large Scale Construction Installation Access

• Large scale equipment access, less equipment, less labor, less cost

• Large panels, fewer panels, fewer picks, fewer joints, nice finish

• Many times, able to us on-site materials for backfill

• Concrete embedded galvanized hooks offer easy, fast geogrid connection

• Wide, vibratory rollers achieve effective compaction, fewer geogrids, faster installation!

Gravity frame MAXI WALL built for BNSF in Olathe Kansas,

 the flagship of MSE MAXI WALLS - 2000 elements

Typical MSE wall under rails

• Wall designed for heavy rail use, E80 loading, 

• AASHTO and AREMA codes compliant

• Manufactured in a NPCA certified plant

• Durable special design 5000 p.s.i. concrete

• Wide vertical gaps between stacks add safety:  

• Absorb large settlement, provide earthquake resistance